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Our business was created to provide car owners with duplicate transponder keys, remotes and FOBS  from their original manufacturer.  Many consumers are under the impression that they cannot acquire a replacement car key without going directly to their local dealership.  This is simply not true.  All too often people make the mistake of purchasing an aftermarket product.  Our team at Carolina Key ONLY  uses ORIGINAL products, which are acquired directly from the manufacturer of your vehicle.  We take pride in duplicating only using these parts and components--NOT aftermarket materials,  which are poorly made and won't last.   Because we specialize in automotive keys and remote FOBs, we are excited to offer our products at a very reasonable rate in comparison to car dealerships. We are proficient in duplication, so most products needed are typically in our on-hand inventory.  

If you have a broken key, you know how difficult it can be to start your car when all of the pieces of your key have broken apart.  Unfortunately, some keys are more likely to break than others.  Broken keys put unwarranted stress on your hands and your car’s ignition.  We repair broken/damaged FOB keys, and even have some alternative design options available to prevent future issues.  

Clickers, FOBs, Buttons, Beep-beeps — keyless entry remotes are called all kinds of things.  Everyone appreciates having one for their car when it’s working like it should.  They’re convenient, save your door locks from unnecessary wear and tear, and can make you feel just a little safer when you’re in a hurry to get into your locked car.  If your remote isn't working well or not at all, we can give it a tune-up and get it working like new again.  We’ll give you pricing and ALL of your options and you can decide how you want to proceed.  Bring your remote by and let us quickly diagnose and resolve your issues!



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If you’ve lost all of your keys to your car,  a VIN cut key is your only option.  Call us at 919-864-8768, or submit an inquiry via our form on the "Contact Us" menu tab.  Our staff is prepared to get your car back on the road and put your key problems behind you.

Most keys have to be registered to the car’s computer before they will start the car.  This means you either have to tow your car somewhere for programming — or search for a reliable technician wiling to come to you.  That's where Carolina Key comes in; your search ends here!  We’ll come to your car, wherever it is, and program the key to start your car.  Contact us now for a detailed quote!

CALL ANYTIME!  (919) 864-8768

Are you an automotive dealer?  Do you work with towing and repossessions?  Do you work in the automotive auction industry?  If so, you've reached the right place when it comes to key origination by VIN number.  Oftentimes these types of situations arise when there are either no keys for the car at all, or just one key that doesn't work well.  At Carolina Key we can assist you in providing potential buyers with new working keys for their new car purchase, with no tow or delivery necessary on your part.  A technician will come out to the vehicle with a pre-cut key by VIN, as well as program it to the car on site for the guaranteed most reasonable price in the area!

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